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Choosing the right cornice

An easy way to enhance, update & add value to your home is to install our attractive fibrous plaster cornice moulding at the top of each wall. Cornice Designs mouldings can serve as an elegant finishing touch to any room and is available in a variety of designs and styles. Once installed your new cornice can be painted in colours to complement the theme of your home.

You’ll want to choose a cornice moulding for each room based on how cosy or formal you want the effect and the height of the ceilings. Cornice Designs mouldings come in a huge variety of styles readymade, and can also be used  to create a customised look by layering different styles of moulding on top of each other.

The taller your ceilings, the wider your cornice mouldings should be. A high ceiling with a narrow cornice makes for a skimpy look, not the dressy effect you should get from a cornice moulding addition.

Step 1:
Visit our online shop and determine the theme and style of your rooms, for the cornice and coving mouldings you like. For more cornice design ideas we also have an online gallery which illustrate projects that we have undertaken. Each room can be finished with a different style and colour of cornice moulding if you prefer depending on the theme.

Choose an intricate or elaborate style for an elegant room theme, and a simpler style with clean lines for a contemporary or modern room.

Step 2:
Select the right profile. Cornice mouldings are available in several heights and profile shapes that extend onto the ceiling or remain flat against the wall. If you have a low ceiling, choose a cornice moulding with a low profile. If you have high ceilings, create a dramatic effect by choosing high-profile cornice mouldings with intricate details, engravings or accents.

Step 3:
All our cornice mouldings are delivered dry and ready to install and once fitted should be painted with your own custom paint colour to complement the wall colour or wallpaper, and furnishings or accessories in the home.  

Design tips    
Consider adding accents to cornice moulding fixtures. Some types of cornice moulding can be embellished or enhanced with decorative corner pieces. A common accent is a railing running below the cornice; one traditional style is the “dentil” moulding that looks like a series of small blocks. Invest in these accents to make the cornice moulding fixture more prominent.

Paint the cornice moulding the same colour as the wall to make the wall look taller, the same colour as the ceiling to make the ceiling look lower, and a different colour from the wall and the ceiling to make the cornice more of a feature.

I hope that this helps you to make the right choice of plaster cornice but please feel free to call me if you would like to discuss your ideas, its almost certain we will have the right product for you. 01709 431446 

Andrew Brobyn